Cemetery Rules

When purchasing Eternal Lights, Solar Crosses, or any of our other cemetery lights to aid in the decoration and memorialization of a loved one’s gravesite, most customers would be well served by taking a moment to check with their local cemetery regarding the cemetery’s rules and regulations.

Do they allow eternal lights or other types of cemetery lights? Is there anything they do not allow?

Most cemeteries do allow eternal lights, as well as other types of vigil lights to be placed near a loved one’s monument, but taking a few minutes to verify this with the cemetery, may save you from purchasing an eternal light that you cannot use.

While most cemeteries allow the placement of eternal lights, solar crosses, floral arrangements, and other memorial items around tombstones and markers, there is often a certain date, or times of the year when all memorial products must be removed from the gravesite.

Make sure you inquire about these periods at your local cemetery, to avoid having your cemetery lights, floral arrangements, etc., from being discarded by the cemetery.

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