Uses of Grave Lights

Grave lights, simply put, help bring color and a spirit of hopefulness to any grave site and are wonderful addtions to cemetery funeral products which can be used to enhance the grave.

Because the vast majority of visits to grave sites are done during daylight hours (in fact, many cemeteries are entirely closed during the nighttime hours and even employ night security guards to ward off visitors who may happen by after dark) the addition of a grave light may seem largely unnecessary.

But, for many families, the knowledge that their loved one will not be left alone in a mysterious and dark cemetery is a great comfort, even if the family members realize the light is only symbolic.

And, for other families, the ability to be able to drive past a cemetery at night and – without entering the gates – see their loved one's grave illuminated from the road nearby, brings about feelings that are as hopeful as possible when it comes to the loss of a beloved friend or relative.
But, just as lights on athletic fields have altered the way people across the world view sporting events, the advent of grave lights stands to change the way people visit grave yards.

Because of grave lights, in fact, more and more cemeteries across the United States and the world are now open to visitors well after dark – often for special community events.

Many cemeteries in recent years have begun traditions of being open to visitors on Halloween evening, for example, and still others have taken to inviting “ghosts” (actually actors) to rise from their most historic grave sites to tell their life stories to visitors who come by for special “meet your ancestor” nights at the park.

These increasingly popular, even educational and cultural events would not be possible if the graves were not able to be easily lit up with grave lights installed throughout the cemetery.

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